Kerala's Superiority in Ayurvedic Education

The southern part of India is renowned for its tourist destinations as well as for traditional ayurvedic treatments. Kerala is probably the only state that uses Ayurveda as a mainstream medicine. Kerala has an exceptional legacy of providing Ayurvedic education with its richness and ancient traditions. The state has created an unmatched learning experience with its ancient tradition dissolute with modern trends. Kerala became the finest destination for holistic wellness and intense knowledge of Ayurveda with its natural beauty, lush landscapes, and beautiful backwaters. The region is mostly covered with a large number of herbs and ayurvedic plants.

Kalaripayattu, a traditional martial art of Kerala, consists of different types of oil massages as a cure for different ailments. This also plays a huge role in the development and growth of Ayurvedic practices in Kerala. It is not difficult to find the best Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala. Keep reading the blog to learn why Kerala is the ultimate destination for Ayurvedic studies and know more about Kerala's Ayurvedic tradition. Check out the reasons to study Ayurveda in Kerala.


Ayurvedic history of Kerala

For people who wish to dive into the ancient traditions and wisdom of Ayurveda, Kerala is always the perfect destination. When we look back thousands of years, Kerala has a great history of Ayurvedic practices and treatments with its vibrant cultural practices. The state does not just have some scripts and textbooks of Ayurveda but has a vast practice of tradition that grows through generations. These traditional practices were nurtured by generations and paved the way for scholars and practitioners to carry on the legacy of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is the ancient healthcare practice of Kerala that has been mentioned in the most valued and respected scriptures of the Vedas. In Atharva Veda, there are instructions to maintain the overall health of the mind and body of human beings. The Ayurveda practices are derived from these scriptures. The state has a unique connection with Ayurveda that you can identify when you visit Kerala.


Ayurvedic practices of Kerala

Some of the traditional treatments in Kerala are deeply related to Kalaripayattu, it is a martial art that includes many types of treatment varieties. In Kalalaripayattu, they practice oil massages and exercises to adjust and cure the alignment of the human body. Both Kalaripayattu and Ayurveda are closely related to the Vedas. But both are mentioned in different Vedas, Kalaripayattu is from the Yajur Veda, and Ayurveda is from the Atharva Veda.

In Ayurveda, they use different types of treatments to treat different diseases. Some famous treatments are Uzhichil, Pizhichil, and Shirodhara. Uzhichil is associated with Kalaripayattu and it is a traditional massage technique. The Pizhichil treatment involves applying oil to the patient’s head and body while they receive massage. Nowadays, in Kerala, online ayurvedic doctor consultation is also available. Reach out to us to know more about the treatments – NKP, the best liver treatment clinic in Kerala


Availability of Ayurvedic institutions

There is no doubt that Kerala has a large number of great Ayurvedic institutions with a variety of courses in many disciplines. These Ayurvedic colleges of Kerala have commitments to preserving and creating achievements in Ayurvedic teaching, practice, and research. Here, they provide education based on ancient principles with the help of modern scientific evidence and reasons. When you join an Ayurvedic institution in Kerala, they allow you to learn various Ayurvedic practices and principles.

The intellectual scholars will provide knowledge about herbal medicines, research methodologies, and therapeutic techniques. One can gain valuable practical knowledge about Ayurvedic practices from here.


Ayurvedic practices and Yoga

Kerala gives you a platform to practice yoga and spirituality by creating a peaceful atmosphere for your mind and body. Through personalized therapies and natural remedies, Ayurveda helps to maintain physical wellness. When you practice yoga and spirituality, it will boost your energy and give you mental clarity. Ayurveda and yoga together create a deeper connection between yourself and the universe. Together, these practices will transform your life journey of self-awareness and realization. Ayurveda has proven results in hair treatments like hair fall and alopecia. There are clinics that provide alopecia treatment in Kerala.



Kerala is one of the best tourist destinations in terms of health care and wellness, with its natural and herbal medicines. Kerala attracts tourists with its scenic beauty, greenery, healing methods, and traditional wellness. People from many countries visit Kerala annually to rejuvenate and relax their bodies through ayurvedic medicines. The Ayurvedic centers in Kerala offer rejuvenating massages, detoxifying therapies, and personalized diet plans and the atmosphere will give you refreshment. The availability of many Ayurvedic institutions in Kerala attracts more people to the state to learn and practice the Ayurvedic lifestyle. Ayurveda has roots long back to Kerala’s ancient times, which passed and evolved through generations. Ayurveda has medicines for most of our major health issues, and many clinics that provide liver specialty treatments in Kerala have given solutions for people’s liver diseases.

Posted on 13-10-2023